Oral Case Presentations Peer-Review Activity

The curriculum designer for the New Jersey Medical School reached out to me asking for a Peer Review tool in Moodle that would allow their class of 180 students (in groups of 6) submit Oral Case Presentation videos that would be reviewed by their group members, and a faculty advisor (with non-editing teacher role) using a Rubric that they designed.

The requirements for the activity were as follows:

  • Within each group, half of the students will upload videos while the other half do live presentations.
  • Both sets of presentations will be reviewed using the online tool.
  • Students who do live presentations must not be required to post a submission to the activity.
  • We don’t know who will upload and who will present live until pretty late
  • Faculty preceptors will review all members of the group, and may have more than one group each
  • A downloadable report of all scores and feedback is required

The whole activity would be run in 4 phases:

Phase 1:

Submit Recorded Videos

Phase 2:

Feedback for Recordings

Phase 3:

Live Presentations in class

Phase 4:

All Feedback Released

Students who are assigned to record their presentations upload their videos into the Peer Review Database. Group members and faculty submit reviews for the recorded videos in their group. Live presentations happen in class while peers and faculty review them in the Peer Review Database. Allow missing feedback to be submitted, then release all feedback for students to review.

Using the Database Activity, I developed a system for this peer review, providing students a simple form to upload their videos, and transferred these entries into a second database for feedback.

Live presentations had prefilled placeholder entries assigned to their respective reviewers for feedback.

In the last phase, all the feedback entries are transferred into a third read-only database for each student to review the feedback for their own presentations, whether live or recorded.

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