Group Quizzes for Problem-Based Learning

The need arose in a course at the New Jersey Medical School for groups of students to work together answering questions in a Moodle Quiz, and for their responses to be pulled instantly into a comprehensive report containing all the responses submitted by each group. After the exercise, each group presents their responses to the class.

The quiz activity in Moodle is a private submission tool. Only the student who submits the attempt can see the responses that s/he submitted. Groups of students submitting one quiz response was not possible.

So, the solution I designed was to have each group pick a representative to submit the answers on their behalf – “a Scribe”. Each group member could view the questions on their own computers during the submission portion of the exercise, by starting a quiz attempt. But only the Scribe should submit.

The quiz settings were configured such that when time was up attempts that had not been submitted would not count.

During the presentation portion of the exercise, a different group member was to be a “Presenter” and so needed access to the responses. All group members would require access to the group’s responses later on in the semester for reference in preparation for exams.

So, I used the Configurable Reports block to generate reports for each group that pulled out the answers submitted by the Scribe into the Report.

Responses submitted by one Group

Using the Conditional Release feature of Moodle, I created a link to each Group’s Response Report restricting access to the link exclusively to the authoring Group.

Restricting access to group reports based on exclusive group membership

One comprehensive report for the instructor showed all responses submitted by the 30 groups. The result of the MySQL query was not very pretty nor readable, so I used the Template feature of the Configurable Report to design a more appealing presentation for the Reports.


Part of the SQL Query generating the report


The template for the report



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