Peer Reviews, by hook or by crook (mostly the latter)

iMoot 2016, May 2016 (1st session May 27, 5pm EST, repeated May 28, 2pm EST)


When our Medical School curriculum designer reached out to me asking for a Peer Review tool in Moodle that would allow their class of 180 students (in groups of 6) submit Oral Case Presentation videos that would be reviewed by their group members, and a faculty advisor (with non-editing teacher role) using a Rubric that they designed, I immediately thought (yes, you probably guessed it): “Workshop!”So, we embarked on this thrilling adventure that turned out to be a study in “workarounds” to get the Workshop activity to do exactly what they wanted.This presentation aims at sharing all the “Gotchas” and workaround solutions I devised to give them a working Peer Review System…by hook or by crook!

Here’s a sampling of the Requirements:

  • Within each group, half of the students will upload videos while the other half do live presentations that must be reviewed using the Workshop activity
  • Students who do live presentations must not be required to post a submission to the activity
  • We don’t know who will upload and who will present live
  • The 4 Rubric Criteria have levels that do not start from zero, but go from 60-100
  • The aggregate score for each Review must be a straight average of the 4 Criteria
  • A downloadable report of all scores and feedback…(wait, there’s more!)

And some of the Gotchas:

  • Students cannot be reviewed if they did not submit anything
  • Non-editing teachers do not show up in the list of available Reviewers when manually allocating submissions
  • The Workshop rubric is coded to calculate the levels as 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. no matter the values you enter
  • There is no downloadable report or “Export to Excel” button…(but there’s more!)

Have you come across the same obstacles using the Workshop activity for Peer Reviews? Still looking for a way to make it work?

Then join me as I take you on a journey through permission overrides, database queries, and configurable reports to work around the Workshop and make it work! Let’s get you those Peer Reviews by hook or by crook!

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