Custom Forum Activity Reports

Moodle Moot US 2016 – Decision Making Pecha Kuchas category
Tracking forum participation in a Moodle course is an important but tricky task for many instructors. Who has posted? How many times? Per forum? Per thread? Were they on-time? The data is definitely available in the Moodle database but there is no report that brings the required information together on a single screen.

This presentation will demonstrate how to use the “Configurable Reports” block plugin to create two variations of a Forum Participation Report for this very purpose.

One version of the report lists each student in the course, whether or not they made an initial post, the date and time of the initial post, number of replies to peers, total number of posts, and grades (if any). The student’s name links to a page with all of that student’s posts in this specific discussion forum, and if you want to grade a post, you can do so on that same page.

The other version is more of a summary of all posts in all learning forums, with each forum as a column in the report showing all posts per student within each forum. Each reported number of posts links to a page with all of that student’s posts in that particular discussion forum, also allowing grading of posts, if desired.

Prior experience with HTML, php and MySQL is helpful but not required. The queries for these Forum Reports are provided for download on the course site for this presentation, along with how-to guides to help you replicate the reports in your own Moodle course.

The Configurable Reports plugin has many other capabilities that do not require any coding at all. So in this presentation, we will learn how to set up a SQL-based Report and a non-SQL based Report, and how to duplicate them to create more reports for the other forums or courses.

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