Creative Student Collaboration: Database and Glossary-Driven Courses

MoodleMoot, SUNY Delhi, May 2011
Co-presented with Dr. Gamin Bartle, Director, I.T.S., Drew University


We will highlight two Drew (University) courses that make collaborative and creative use of Moodle. Both faculty members rely on Moodle features to encourage student collaboration on assignments that ultimately serve to create course content.

In one, a Biology teacher uses the database feature to facilitate student creation of both group and individual web pages for “Diversity of Life: Animals, Plants and Microbes.”

In “Contemporary Feminist Theory,” the Moodle glossary is used as an interactive foundation for the course, both in the current and subsequent semesters.

Our presentation shares these best practices from the perspectives of faculty and instructional technologists.

Creative Student Collaboration – Powerpoint Presentation