Database for Clinical Rotation Journals

Students in the Physicians’ Assistant Program at Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences write up journals and other required documents for each clinical rotation they complete. These documents need to be submitted to their advisors for feedback. There were 10+ assignment dropbox links for each rotation, making it tedious for students and advisors to keep track of which document had been submitted where, and what was still missing.

I designed a solution using the database activity in separate group mode, with each student in a group with their advisor. So, only the student and their advisor have access to the documents submitted by the student. A simple form with dropdown menus, radio buttons, and file browser buttons allows students to assign a rotation to each document, making it easy to search and sort the submissions by rotation.

Advisors also have the capability of submitting feedback via a textbox and further discussion can occur in the Comments area below an individual submission.

RSS Feeds are enabled to send notification to advisors for every new submission by their advisee.